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During adolescent years, particularly in high school, the two primary influences on kids are family and friends.  Friends would best be defined as “peers”.  During the school year a young person spends a majority of time around his or her peers during the day and family at night.  For those kids who have parents that work in the evening there is even less time spent around around mom or dad.

It is extremely important for kids to choose their friends wisely and make the right decisions!  I would highly advise anyone reading this article to view our video “Life Lessons with Billy Gulley” under the interview section of our film room here: video link. The video is extremely powerful and is an example of a very promising high school athlete who made the wrong decisions and chose the wrong friends!

Doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and hanging out in a gang is not “cool” and should never be used as way to fit in!  If the friends you are hanging around with judge you based on what you smoke, drink, or who you fight then you have chosen the wrong friends!  As a coach, I can’t tell you the number of promising athletes I’ve seen throw away a bright future based on choosing the wrong friends to hang out with.  This also includes making the wrong choices with your high school girlfriend which can result in becoming a teenage parent!

Choose friends based on the positive things you want to do with your life and the fact that they have those same goals.  Like minded people have like minded goals and achieve like minded success!  If you want to be a successful football player and student, hang out with other guys on the team that have that goal as well.

Coach Van Tassel

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