Video iBooks Look Great on Any Device

Imagine reaching into your pocket, pulling out your smartphone and watching a stemming drill from chapter five!

Imagine being out on the field with your iPad, a few of your running backs and receivers and showing them illustrations of different coverages they will face!

Imagine having a cup of coffee while at your favorite computer watching and reading the new receiver book from My Football Mentor!

Pick your setting and choose your device because learning how to be an unstoppable receiver has never been better!

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The book includes ten chapters with over 100 illustrations, photos, and videos that teach you how to catch, run routes and block like the pros!  Just the instructional videos alone alone are huge value.  If you are an athlete who looking to gain new weapons, new tools and a new confidence in your game than this book is a must.!  It’s the first of it’s kind, this modern era book will become a player’s (and coaches) most used reference in improving their game.



The book has been great! I’m a 6’4 220 WR with good speed and sure hands, and this book has been something that has enhanced my knowledge of playing the WR position. I’ve been a Walk-On player throughout my entire college career at Michigan State, USC and Division-2 Cal U of (PA). It’s been quite the journey, I’ve face a lot of adversity, but it has inspired me to Continue to reach my dream of playing in the NFL. In addition, I am now preparing to train for my Pro-day, so I wanted to read this book to prepare myself mentally. It’s a blessing to know that all the hard work will pay off, and no matter the odds stacked against me, a guy who in all reality will be a UN-drafted free-agent WR will make it, because of my faith, and my will to continue to strive for the dream and vision I’ve had for so many years and never gave up and was always on the quest for knowledge and development at the WR position. My prayer is that Coach Van Tassel (The author) and I will be able to meet so I can share my testimony about how I read your book at a critical time in my life before I made my transition to the NFL, and how it has served its purpose.  -Brandon Chambers

Grab the book here…

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