To some the obsession with Tim Tebow is hard to understand. To us here at My Football Mentor it is easy to understand. He represents what we are all about and that is mentorship. The dictionary defines mentor as “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher”. Tebow is not only a great football player but he is also a great human being, so much so that it is hard for people to comprehend that someone could actually be that good. He is perceived as almost perfect, a man with no flaws. Of course, nobody is perfect but because of the way Tebow lives his life he is setting a precedent for all to follow. The phenomenon is almost infectious and you can’t help but pay attention to his story. He is a leader and he does so by not only his words but his actions. If you want to understand how to accomplish great things and, at the same time, be a person that makes everyone better around you then watch his story!
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