Are you an asset to your team or a liability? Are you a solution to your team or a problem?  If you’re a problem, don’t plan on four stellar years playing College ball (if you get an opportunity to play at all).Urban Meyer explains the two sides of the fence. On one side you have the players that are all-in, they bust their butts in practice, do things right and work to be part of the solution and the standards of their sports program. On the other side you have the problem players who may be tall, fast and strong but have oversized egos and off the field issues that don’t reflect well on their program.

Urban Meyer said that NFL coaches like Bill Belichick have never walked into my office and said, “I’m looking for a pain in the butt athlete.”

Moral of the story… be a solution. Urban said, “If you a solution player. A team player with an incredible winning spirit, we’re gonna find you.”

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