Coaches and players can each benefit from what our mindset coach, Cheryl Hunter, has to say in this next video. Coaches, do you often find ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on Saturdays breaking down film and creating game plans? Players, do you wait until a month before the season starts before you start your training regimen? Well, if you’re looking to be successful, these are habits that will lead to failure!  There are no shortcuts when it comes to being the best you can be!

Don’t get me wrong; I know there’s no shortcut to success; I’m a success coach, for Pete’s sake. Still, here I was, bought off by the allure of an easier, faster way to fortune than simply doing the work.
Apparently, I’m not alone; people everywhere must love the idea. I’m basing that on the rest of the spam that was in my inbox. You’d better believe the spammers test this marketing before they unleash it on the public.

I saw the following subject lines in my inbox:

• Finally, An easy way to hit the lottery!
• Lose 17lbs In 2 Weeks With This Diet Product!
• Make any man want you!

It seems everybody wants a shortcut to success! Here’s the best shortcut I know: none. Do the work.
Sorry if I’m bumming you out. I’m here with your weekly reality check not an offer for you to be a couch worker.
So if you’ve been looking for an easier way, pull your head out of the clouds, make a plan, and execute it. Believe me; you’ll save one heck of a lot of time over trying to do something the easy way.
So…now’s your opportunity to tell one on yourself. Where have you been looking for a shortcut to success and, better yet, are you willing to give that up now?

Cheryl Hunter
My Football Mentor Mindset Coach

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