The Ultimate Energy Drink!

The popularity of energy drinks is controversial for good reason. Most energy drinks are packed with sugar, caffeine, and sodium which make them beverages with some serious health effects! There is no question, energy drinks are a beverage that athletes should avoid.  A can of 250 ml (1 cup) of Guru, Monster, Red Bull and others contain around 10 tea spoons of sugar and this is also surpassing the maximum recommended limit of caffeine intake for young people under the age of 13.  However, there are a few brands which present a healthier option ( and create a product that is more beneficial to people’s health. Those healthier options will include natural herbs like ginseng, echinacea, B vitamins, and other minerals.

If you’re serious about ‘energy’ and ‘being healthy’ let me give you an option that will kick grass on a RedBull any day!

If you’re serious about ‘energy’ and ‘being healthy’ let me give you an option that will kick grass on a RedBull any day!  It’s simple to find and easy to make.  Lemons and Limes mixed with good ol’ H-2-0.  Okay, I understand, that can be a bit raspy so go ahead and mix a bit of sweetener like stevia or even try a wholesome sweetener like organic blue agave.

Lemons and limes provide a daily dose of vitamin C and can also help reduce fatigue as well as boost alertness. In addition to the vitamin C, citrus scents have been shown to stimulate alertness. By using stevia or blue agave, a natural sweetener, you won’t have to worry about blood sugar spikes. Use a few mint leaves for a touch of flavor.

Few people tend to realize the enormous health benefits of drinking lemon water.  Check out some of serendipity benefits of lemon and/or lime juice:

• Nourishes brain and nerve cells due to it’s potassium content

• Is a natural stimulant to the body

• It helps prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria and the decomposition of tissue

• Helps dissolve gallstones, calcium deposits, kidney stones, and pancreatic stones

• Assists in lowering high blood pressure

• Is an excellent stimulant to the liver

• It assists in “cleansing the system of impurities” and will help prevent disease

• It is effective at dissolving uric acid (often the cause of pain and inflammation in joints) and other poisons in the body


Here are the ‘secret ingredients’ to the world’s ultimate energy drink!

4 lemons

3 limes

1 tbsp stevia (or 3 tbsp blue agave)

Fresh mint

Directions:  Squeeze the juice from the lemons and the limes into a glass. Add the stevia (optional), mint leaves, and stir. Enjoy!


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