What are you going to do to prepare for next season? Most players are done for the year at this point and are not participating in their state play-offs. Are you waiting until the new year to set resolutions?  Are you using the excuse that the holidays will make it too difficult to work-out consistently or do you just think it’s too soon following the end of this past season to start up again?

Let me tell you, their are few guarantees in life but one is that you can’t change history and every day that passes becomes history! Life really is short and when you think about it there is not a lot of time to accomplish your goals.  It seems like just a few short years ago when I last played football but, in actuality, it’s been over twenty years since I last played and I’ve missed it for every day of those twenty plus years!  I would give anything to be able to train for football again but the reality is, it doesn’t last forever and for most it ends with high school.  I was one of the lucky ones to be able to play beyond high school as well as college but I busted my butt to be able to do so.

So, what are you waiting for?  Yesterday is now the past and you can’t change that.  The time is now!

Coach Van Tassel

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