Just like any other team sport, football games are won and lost on the fundamental basics of the game.  Show me a team that can block, tackle and execute, and I’ll show you a winning team.  Want to be a beast of a tackler?  It’s simple to learn and really fun once you get it down.

Youth athletes won’t remember an 8 step process to a proper tackle, but they might remember 3.  Let’s start with a good phrase that’s easy to remember, “Bite the football.”  This phrase ensures the most important thing in tackling safety… keep your head up!  When you bite the football it keeps your head up and your face mask into the chest of the runner. It also makes you keep your eyes open. Another great tackling mantra is, “See what you hit.” Again this technique forces you to ‘see’ with your eyes’s wide open and it reminds the tackler to keep his head up to ‘see’ the ball carrier. Once you put your head down you are looking at the grass and that won’t help you at all.

In the Ultimate Tackling Package, several of our coaches including Colin Shumate (linebacker, SDSU) and Ken Stills (former Greenbay Packer), describe how to make great tackles! This video below is a sampling of video clips, ebook pages and presentation photos found in The Ultimate Tackling Package.

“Throwing your body at a runner’s knees is a joke of a tackle.” says Thomas Jones.  “I love to see a guy stick his face into the runner’s chest, wrap his arms and take him down.”  Thomas adds, “It makes the game a lot safer with proper tackling.”

With that said, check out one of the great photo diagrams that are included the Ultimate Tackling Package. 

This is a good video we found on youtube that demonstrates some “do’s and don’ts” of tackling.

If you become a great tackler you’ll get noticed. One of the NFL’s best free safeties, Eric Weddle (Ed Reed a close second according to Bleacher Report) led all safeties in interceptions, and was second in completion percentage allowed. No player in the game breaks on the ball better from the safety position, and Weddle is a finisher who can TACKLE! Weddle does a nice job sticking his nose in the box, but he’s a deep safety and the Chargers know it. When he’s up and stuffing the run, you can expect an impact to be made because he knows how to tackle!

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