Tackling Techniques

Video Length: 24 mins.  Here’s the bottom line, players who can tackle tend to go furthest in their football careers. This detailed video provides excellent instruction on the technique to safe and effective tackling. If you want to be a tackling beast and set the example to your teammates on how to get the job done–this is your video. It demonstrates several drills to practice your tackling technique. This video will also teach how to use the different parts of your body like your power-pads, hips, and shoulders. It covers:

  1. Proper Tackling Position
  2. How to Eliminate Most Injuries
  3. How to Close the Gate in the Open Field
  4. How to use your Hips Effectively
  5. How to Lawn Mower Tackle
  6. How to Gator Tackle
  7. How to Angle Tackle

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