Staying Motivated When Your Team is Losing

Let’s face it, losing just stinks. But despite the sting, or embarrassment, or disappointment, there can be some bright spots if you know how to look for them. Here are five game-changing nuggets that can make a huge difference.

Make your adversity your university.
You expected this point didn’t you? So, my question to you is this, “What are you learning about yourself in tough times?”  Are you pointing your finger to blame someone else?  Is your passion waning?  Do you still play your heart out even if it’s impossible to win the game? Here’s the most powerful truth you can learn (whether you are winning or losing), ‘How you play games is how you play life.’  It may be a losing season this year, but later in life it might be a tough season in your marriage or a downward spiral in your business.  Most likely you will respond the same way then.

Expect good things to happen.
Expect awesome plays to happen, not next year but right now, this Friday night!  Realize that nothing is too good for you. Also, understand that you don’t get what you want in life, nor do you get what you deserve, YOU GET WHAT YOU EXPECT. It is no use to desire something unless you expect to get it because desire, without expectation, is idle wishing or dreaming. Keep in mind that this can work against you as well. If you expect ‘to fumble’ the ball or you constantly think about getting burned for a long pass, guess what you will be attracting?

The real gem is in the journey.
As a player, you are a part of team that will create memories for a lifetime. There is a special bond or brotherhood that you are privileged to be a part of.  Years later, few, if any players will remember the points on the scoreboard. You’ll remember the fun or crazy memories of bus rides, locker room talks, special plays on the field, sizzling practice days in August, or a great joke told in the huddle.

Make YOUR highlight video. 
Create plays that you can ‘play back’ as a positive memory or literally on video.  This can be huge for those playing high school ball who want to advance to the college level. Just think of the thousands of top recruits each year who have built amazing highlight videos despite having a losing season.

Cheer on your team mates.
One of the best things we can do when we are feeling down is to take the focus off ourselves and encourage someone else. Try it out! Give a few of these phrases a try; “Brandon, you’ve had the best week of practice I’ve seen, “… tonight is your night I just feel it,” … I believe in you,” …I feel lucky to have you as a team mate.”

Win or lose, you have much to gain or much to regret, the choice is yours.

Be Great!

Here is great article written by Stephen White, former NFL player of 7 years, who has some great, honest perspectives on how to push forward during a losing season.  Read Article.

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