If you are looking to increase your speed, now is the time to start.  From now until July you have six months to execute a training regimen that will drastically increase your speed.  This program is a combination of power training in the weight room and speed training on the field.  You will not see the desired results unless you do both.

How you prepare your muscles in the weight room will carry over to how you are able to execute a speed program on the field.  A proper power program in the weight room will isolate fast twitch muslce fibers and condition your muscles to react properly on the field.  Look at it like constructing the proper foundation for a tall building.  Without a solid foundation you can’t build a very tall building.  See the Mentor Method for power training by clicking here.

In the very near future, My Football Mentor will be entering into a partnership with a professional performance training organization so we will have top notch power training and speed training available for our clients.  Check back soon for details as we will also be offering a video series for sale on power training and speed training!  See one of our speed improvement sample videos by clicking here.

Coach Van Tassel

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