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  • $19.95

    Taught by a professional coach, this 1 hour video highlights a half-day receiver camp for youth players. It will teach you how to warm up, stretch, get in a proper stance, start, sprint, change directions, catch, run routes, and block like the pros. It’s full of drills and instructions that any coach or player can quickly learn and implement into practice. The practical lessons in this video  can be applied at any level.

  • $12.95

    Video Length: 25 mins.  Watch My Football Mentor’s Mike Karney, former NFL fullback, explain running back fundamentals and techniques such as stance, alignment, ball security, pad level, run blocking, pass blocking, route running, and defensive recognition.  A must have video if you want to know how the pros do it!

  • $125.00

    CAMP CLOSED. The San Diego Youth Football camp is a 4 day, skills based, non-contact camp to prepare youth athletes for the upcoming season. The camp features expert coaching for all positions (except kicking and punting). The camp will include the newest safe tackling techniques with headsUp teaching. Each athlete receives one FREE training video from My Football Mentor, and one FREE Football Mentor training camp athletic shirt.

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    Dates: June 27 – 30th, 2016 (9:00 am – 11:30 am)
    Location: Granite Hills High School Age Groups: 2nd Grade – 8th Grade
    Cost: $90. Early Bird discount through June 5 $100. in advance through June 24 $125. at the event on June 27th


  • $19.95

    This unique slot receiver training video gives you professional coaching tips as you watch High School athletes perform various receiver drills like stemming, route running, and catching. We learn best by watching others, and this video is loaded with examples of mistakes and great technique.  You’ll learn to recognize the difference between a poor route and a great one, how to perform a double move, jab and rip, double hand slap, attack the football, high point the catch, abandon the route and make a play, fool the defender, catch low behind passes with a natural spin move, and tons more. This video is a gem! Video duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

  • $12.95

    In this 17 min video, coach Matt Westrick begins by teaching the 4 keys to speed. He then demonstrates several drills with youth players on how to implement the four keys on the football field. If you want to increase your speed and athleticism on the football speed then this video is for you! This instructional video covers the following 4 topics in depth: Proper Body Line,  Proper Foot Strike, Locking the L (Proper Arm Movement), and Body Synchronization. 

  • $12.95

    Video Length: 24 mins.  Here’s the bottom line, players who can tackle tend to go furthest in their football careers. This detailed video provides excellent instruction on the technique to safe and effective tackling. If you want to be a tackling beast and set the example to your teammates on how to get the job done–this is your video. It demonstrates several drills to practice your tackling technique. This video will also teach how to use the different parts of your body like your power-pads, hips, and shoulders. It covers: proper tackling position; how to eliminate most injuries, how to close the gate in the open field, how to use your hips effectively, how to lawn mower tackle, how to gator tackle, and how to angle tackle. 

  • $29.95

    This instant download ebook is available now for $29.95.  The training videos alone contained in the book are valued at $78.90!  Click the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of this page.

    The ebook includes ten chapters with over 100 illustrations, photos, and videos that teach you how to catch, run routes and block like the pros! The instructional videos themselves are a huge value!  If you are an athlete who is looking to learn new techniques, new tools and a new confidence in your game than this book is a must!  It’s the first of it’s kind so this modern era book will become a player’s (and coach’s) most used reference in improving their game.

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  • $29.95

    The Football Handbook is the only modern era football training book that distills decades of coaching experience into a single source. It was created for players, parents and coaches to not only teach the basics of football, the game rules and coaching but also professional techniques on blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, coverages, and tons more! While most books on the sport of football include plenty of chapter and words, words, and more words, This book includes dozens of videos, photos and illustrations that actually demonstrate how to play the sport effectively. The book contains:

    • 7 Football position specific chapters (QB, Receiver, Running Back, OLine, DLine, LB, & DB)
    • 7 Chapters on Football Rules & Fundamentals, Coaching, Understanding Coverages, Speed Training, Diet and Nutrition, Injury Prevention, and Confidence.
    • 34 short instructional videos spread throughout the book
    • 28 illustrations on stance, alignment, coverages, and position specific skills

    The book can be immediately downloaded after purchase. The book file size is small (under 20MB) so it won’t gobble up a ton of space on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We kept the file size small by hosting the videos on other platforms.