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    Coach Ken Stills, who played defensive back for six years with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings as well as coached defensive backs for five years in NFL Europe, discusses techniques such as stance, back pedal, transitions, eyes, speed, and tackling.  This is an exceptional video that will educate you on drills and techniques used by the pros!

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    Video Length: 14 mins.  This video shows all the proper fundamentals and techniques of how to defend a receiver using a Soft Press technique. Some of the topics demonstrated are the “slip and lock” technique, shooting the hip, the differences between playing the receiver in the field versus in the red zone, as well as the correct soft press techniques versus the receiver at the line of scrimmage.

  • $10.95

    Video Length: 14 mins.  Coach Ken Stills, who played defensive back for six years with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings as well as coached defensive backs for five years in NFL Europe, discusses detailed descriptions of how a defensive back makes transitions when reading three step and five step drops by the quarterback. Proper footwork, transition mechanics, and how to properly leverage the receiver are discussed.

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    25 year NFL veteran coach John Pease is an expert in coaching the defensive line position. His wisdom and experience bubble over every minute of this 40 minute video. He covers defensive lines drills, fundamentals, techniques, and the mindset of a defensive lineman. This video is rich with stories, lessons and professional techniques to take your game to a new level. Special $10 discount through June 30, 2016.

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    Have you ever wondered what the foundation of an NFL team’s defensive game plan is each week?

    Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s full of simple and basic strategies that any team at any level can implement.

    In this 1 hour training video, former Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Coordinator, John Pease teaches you the essentials of setting up a defensive game plan. Coach Pease brings over 32 years of College and NFL experience to this video, where he will teach you:

    1. How to set goals for each game
    2. How to beat the run game
    3. How to shut down the option offense
    4. Understanding the real power of creating turnovers in a game
    5. Defensive gap control
    6. How to prevent the offense from creating separation. This greatly reduces any offense’s threat potential.
    7. How to develop blitzing strategies and calls
    8. The strengths and weaknesses of different defensive fronts. Once you know this, you’ll be able to set up your defense to counter any offense.
    9. How a most defenses accidentally create running lanes for the offense, and what to do to fix it. Even the pros do this frequently, so learning how to spot it and fix it could make the difference between and winning and losing season at the youth and high school level.
    10. and much, much more.
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    Video Length: 26 mins.  Coach John Matich kicked at Boston College University where he is still one of the leading scorers in the program’s history.

    Coach Matich was also in training camp with the Minnesota Vikings and played for several indoor football teams.  He has run a kicking school in San Diego for several years and is one of the top kicking coaches in the country.  In this video Coach Matich teaches details of kicking the football such as plant foot placement, how to properly strike the ball with the kicking foot, kicking alignment, drills, and more! If you want to take your kicking skills to a higher level this video is a must!

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    In this 45 minute video Colin Shumate teaches why linebackers are the portrait of toughness and grit that epitomizes the game of football. Linebackers must be capable of stopping running backs, covering receivers over the middle, and rushing the quarterback on blitz plays. Former San Diego State Aztec, Colin Shumate will teach you the techniques it takes to be a great linebacker!

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    This 37 minute video is probably the most extensive and detailed long/short snap video ever produced.  Our snapping coach, Dan Windham, was one of the top long/short snappers in the country when he played at San Diego State University.  In this video he discusses topics such as stance, hand placement on the ball, adjustments for ball rotation on the snap to the hold, blocking position post-snap, snap power generation, and more!  If you have ever wanted to learn how to properly snap or coach the correct techniques on how to snap this video covers it all!

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    This 1 hour exceptional OLine video is taught by NFL & College standouts. It covers stance, alignment, balance, footwork, hand placement, pass blocking fundamentals, drills and more. This is a must video if you want too be the best offensive lineman you can be!