In my last post I addressed the question “How do you create goal posts and the playing field for your life?”

Here’s how: by getting clear about exactly what life you want to create for yourself.  When you take a good hard look at life—both your own life and the world in general—you can start to get a sense of the life that you want to live, as well as the life that you don’t want.

Start by looking at all of the things that you’re naturally drawn to—things that bring out the best in you and in others—and then write those things down.  If you’re not sure where to start, consider your role models and the different elements that comprise their lives…if you don’t know, then read their life story or research them online to learn what their background was, what they studied in school, how they were able to create the success that they have.  There’s a great quote that says, “Success leaves clues.”  If you admire someone’s life and success, see what clues you can follow that they’ve left.

Write out everything that you come up with.  If you’re not a fan of writing, consider making a collage with photos and images that light you up, or creating some other kind of visual display.  Some of the students I work with like to tear pages out of magazines and glue them onto a big cardboard wall poster.  The images paint a clear picture for them of the life they want to have.  When you take the time to write out or make a display of everything you are committed to, consider that you are writing up the playbook for your life.  As you know, playbooks aren’t just wishes and hopes; they’re a rock-solid plan for strategy and action.

In my next post, I’ll talk about putting all of the different goals together into a real “playbook,” but for now, just start by writing down or making a collage of everything that you’d like to have, do, and be in life.

You can come up with both short-term items (such as get a 3.9 GPA this year) or long-term items (like be a first-round draft pick for the NFL) whatever inspires you.  If you have trouble thinking of goals, speak to your parents or family members, your friends, your coach, your mentors, your guidance counselor at school—anyone who you know who is on your side and won’t steer you wrong.  Have fun with this exercise and dream big!  I truly believe that if you put your mind to it and you’re willing to invest the hard work, you can accomplish it.

Until next time!

To Your Success,

Cheryl Hunter-MFM Mind Coach

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