The foundation for all your training begins in the weight room.  What you do in the weight room should translate directly to what you do on the field.  In other words, movements in the weight room should mimic movements on the field.  This is more easily defined by position.  Lets use the difference between leg training for a skilled player and a lineman as an example.

It is important for lineman to have strong hips due to the amount of lateral stability they must have.  A lineman must be able to transfer his weight from one leg to another depending on the gap they are trying to protect when pass blocking.  They must be able to shuffle laterally well and have enough strength in each hip to control a rushing defender. So, when squatting in the weight room they should do so with a wide stance in order to isolate the hips more.  This translates directly to what they must do on the field.

A skilled player must have more burst up the field, as well as the ability to come to a stop quickly from full speed, thus they want to isolate the gluts and the quads more when training in the weight room.  When squatting, to isolate these muscle groups, the stance should be no more than shoulder width.  Isolating these muscle groups will better prepare the skilled player for the type of movements he must perform on the field.

Please see the Mentor Method of weight training for more details on “power training” and how that can translate directly to the field.  Click here to view that document.

Coach Van Tassel


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