Do you have a difficult time getting off the line of scrimmage versus press coverage? If so, don’t feel alone as most receivers, particularly inexperienced one’s, have a difficult time escaping a press defender at the line of scrimmage. Let me give you a couple of important tips!

  • Never attempt any kind of move without moving forward into the defender as you do so
  • Change up your release often, don’t always attempt the same release

The reason you don’t want to apply any type of move on the defender without moving into him first is because this is what he wants…a cushion. A cushion will allow a defender room to recover if he happens to make a mistake and open his hips the wrong way. You want to reduce that cushion so that he doesn’t have the space to recover and cut you off.

You need to change up your release because you want to keep the defender off-balance. If he knows what to expect from you because you keep doing the same thing, he will quickly learn how to defend you. Always keep a defender guessing. Vary the type of releases you perform at the line of scrimmage. If you perform a particular move a couple of times don’t expect that it will work a third time so think ahead!  Anticipate that the defender will probably be expecting the same move after you’ve tried it a couple of times.  Throw in a different move the third time that is opposite of the one you executed the first couple of times.

You will also need to learn how to recognize coverages and what their weak spots are.  It’s much easier to dominate your opponent, when you know exactly what their coverage responsibility is, otherwise you may be playing right into their coverage responsibility. This and much more are covered in my eBook, The Art of Playing Wide Receiver.  To see a video demonstrating line release techniques click here.

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Coach Van Tassel

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