Quarterback and Running Back Action

We have just finished a 50 minute video masterpiece that covers the running game, ball fakes and play action.

The new video is available for purchase for only $15.95. Coach Bill Cunerty, a three time National Champion Junior College coach and teacher to many of the nation’s elite QB’s, covers several aspects of the running game with former college and NFL players including proper hand-off techniques and footwork by the QB, proper relationship of the QB to the Running Back when giving the football, on ball fakes, and on play-action passes.  Also covered are QB responsibilities when the Running Back has a blocking assignment on a blitz pick-up as well as proper bootleg depth and set-up.  Running plays covered are spin trap, isolation, inside zone, and outside zone stretch as well as play-action off all of them.  This is the most extensive teaching video ever made on these nuances of the running game!

Purchase the video…

Here’s a 4 minute sample of the video:

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