The quarterback position is one of the most visible and important roles on the team. The quarterback touches the ball on nearly every offensive play and has a great deal of responsibility both in calling plays and making decisions during the play. While there is liberal substitution at most positions in football based on the play call and to minimize player fatigue, most quarterbacks are on the field for every offensive play leaving only for injury or when the game’s outcome is no longer in doubt. Quarterbacks are frequently chosen early in the NFL Draft and often receive much more lucrative contracts than other positions. As of 2011, players in this position have won more Super Bowl MVP awards (24 of 45) than players at all other positions combined.

Most experts consider the position of quarterback to be the most complex and difficult position in all of sports!  See video describing the quarterback position. The quarterback is the leader of offense and has dozens of responsibilities, skills and reads to make every minute he is on the field. “when I’m working with quarterbacks I’ll ask them on a play that goes like this, “snap step step step throw,”  how long is that? They’ll say 2.1 or 2.2 seconds. I say that’s a pick. I’m thinking more like 1.8.” – Coach Cunerty

The Quarterback is the player that runs and directs the offense. He usually gets the signal for the play from the coaching staff, and then he calls the play in the huddle. He usually lines up directly behind the center who hikes him the ball to start the play. He is either throwing it to a receiver, handing the ball off to a running back, or running it himself.

Here’ a few tips if you want to be a quarterback:

1. Develop your leadership skills.

2. Get a lot of practice in the offseason. You need to work on arm strengh and footwork. Work on throwing the football often, and on all the various drop backs (1, 3, 5 and shot gun).

3. Mentaly visualize yourself coming to the line and facing different defenses and come up with what you will do against it.

4. A quarterback needs to study the playbook, he should know what every offensive player is doing when the ball is hiked.


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