Question: hey coach I’m a 14 year old second string quarterback for my football team. I’m 5 feet 7 inches tall i weigh 125 pound and I run a 5.00 forty.  I have problems with my ability to scan the field.  Are there any drills or such to help me with this?
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Answer from coach Van Tassel:
A drill that is good for learning how to scan the field requires at least three or four additional players so if you can round up some friends that will help. It also requires the assistance of a coach so maybe your dad can handle that part.

The four players will stand in equal intervals apart across the entire field twenty yards from you as indicated above. You will perform a five step drop. The coach stands behind you. The players will be numbered from left to right 1 through 4. Prior to the snap the coach will have told you a scanning sequence such as 1, 4. As you will drop you will scan 1, 4 but just prior to reaching your final drop step the coach will yell any of the four numbers and this will be the player you actually throw the ball too. So, to explain again, before you snap the ball the coach will say “scan 1, 4 or any other combination. You take your head to each player he has told you to scan as you drop, in order, and prior to reaching your drop step the coach might yell 3 which is the player he is telling you to throw to. In this case you would scan 1, 4, and then throw 3. The scanning sequence can be in any order and the called throw can be any of the four players.

This should help you get use to scanning the field as you drop and then lock in on a player to throw to. Make sure you concentrate on your footwork fundamentals once you lock in on the player! Don’t make the throw unless your feet are correct and you can apply the proper fundamentals. If you scan 1 to 4 and then end up throwing back to 1 you must get your feet and hips around to make the throw.

This drill should not apply to a three step drop because quick passes are always based on a pre-snap read. You don’t have time to look past one read on a three step. If the throw is there you take it, if not, you throw it away, run or take a sack. Don’t force a throw and don’t go to a second read on a quick throw unless it happens to be a swing or outlet in the direction of your read.

Thanks for your question and good luck to you!  See our QB Pre-Snap Read video by clicking here.


Coach Van Tassel
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