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From time to time we receive inspiring emails from our followers. The other day we received a message from high school freshman Enes Ganic who lives in Brooklyn, New York. His predicament is like so many kids throughout the United States. He has a burning desire to simply become a good football player but, due to the fact that his high school does not have a football program, he has no way to develop his skills as a kicker. Whether it’s a kid like Enes, who doesn’t have a football program to participate in or other kids throughout the country that just don’t have the resources provided to them to become the best they can be at what they want to do, this is what drives us at My Football Mentor to give these kids a way to live out their dreams! Here is Enes’ email to us:

“Hi, my name is Enes. I go to highschool in Brooklyn and I’m a freshman. I am a field goal kicker, though there is no football at my highschool. I can still practice though it is a lot harder to do more often. I practice with the high school soccer team though I can’t practice my field goals and sometimes punts. Is there any way I can get into a division 1 college without playing highschool football since my other local schools are influenced by drugs and other substances. My parents don’t want me to transfer schools either. And if I get into a division 2 or 3 college can I get into a draft after college or just become a free agent? Thanks for all the help.”

Enes, thanks so much for your inquiry, your question and desire to excel as a kicker in football and make it to the pros is truly inspiring to us! You can be whatever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it and work hard at it. We created My Football Mentor for kids just like you, kids who want to become great regardless of their circumstances! You can learn how to kick and punt a football even if you don’t have a football program at your high school. There are many soccer players, rugby players and Australian rules football players who have never played American football that were able to make the transition.

Darren Bennet, a former Australian Rules Football player made it into the NFL. As an American football player, following a three club career in the NFL, he is regarded as one of the greatest players of the 1990’s and a member of the NFL 1990’s All Decade team! Although he learned how to punt a football in a game that is completely different than the NFL, he was still able to make the transition because he was exceptional at the skill of punting!

Enes, if you can learn how to kick and punt a football well, regardless of not having a high school program to play in, you can give yourself an opportunity to try-out for a college team. There are numerous soccer players who never played American football who have made the transition. Kicking and punting are the two skills, of all the positions in football, where you have that chance. As I’ve mentioned, we are very inspired by your story and would like to help you in any way we can. It’s kids like you, who have a dream, that motivate us to continue to provide the resources necessary to help you achieve them! We are going to provide you with all of our kicking and punting videos at no charge in the hopes that they will help you to become the best kicker and punter that you can be!


Coach Van Tassel
My Football Mentor

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