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    In this video Coach Cunerty covers all of the necessary progressions a quarterback must go through from the snap of the ball to the point of release of the ball. He calls this the eyes to the feet to the throw. Just a few of the topics covered are pre-snap reads, how to read on the move, and adjustments on the throw based on what the quarterback sees. The video discusses the cognitive processes a quarterback must develop to be successful. A sample video is available to the left.

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    In this 9 minute video Coach Cunerty covers the bounce step and putting the ball in one of your best athletes. Coach discusses the strategy of making the drop fit the route. Coach Cunerty details the one step drop in this video.  Drops covered are the one step drop to a stationary target (spot pass), the one step drop to a short hitch, the one step drop to a short slant, and the one step drop to a quick fade. 

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    This 29 minute video covers a variety of three-step drops, footwork, and offensive strategy.  Coach Cunerty discusses his 6 different three step drops, drills to improve these drops, and the techniques required to perform these drops properly. This video can be a total game-changer for QBs looking to bring their game to a new level.

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    In this 21 minute video Coach Cunerty covers proper warm up technique and daily regimen drills for quarterbacks. Warm-up topics covered are the medicine ball, throwing competitions which emphasize proper shoulder rotation and release, techniques that discuss loading principles associated with throwing, and throwing on the run. The “daily’s” include the two ball Elway drill for pass rush avoidance, off-balance throwing drills and a receiver recognition drill called the stem drill. A fantastic video for QB warm-ups and daily drills!

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    In this 17 min video, coach Matt Westrick begins by teaching the 4 keys to speed. He then demonstrates several drills with youth players on how to implement the four keys on the football field. If you want to increase your speed and athleticism on the football speed then this video is for you! This instructional video covers the following 4 topics in depth: Proper Body Line,  Proper Foot Strike, Locking the L (Proper Arm Movement), and Body Synchronization. 

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    Video Length: 24 mins.  Here’s the bottom line, players who can tackle tend to go furthest in their football careers. This detailed video provides excellent instruction on the technique to safe and effective tackling. If you want to be a tackling beast and set the example to your teammates on how to get the job done–this is your video. It demonstrates several drills to practice your tackling technique. This video will also teach how to use the different parts of your body like your power-pads, hips, and shoulders. It covers: proper tackling position; how to eliminate most injuries, how to close the gate in the open field, how to use your hips effectively, how to lawn mower tackle, how to gator tackle, and how to angle tackle.