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  • $17.95

    Video Length: 1 hour.  This video covers several practical drills to teach receivers how to be successful in a football game. Drills include: start, stop and transitions, the box drill, scoop and roll, high in front/low in front, high behind/low behind, the toss drill and more.  There are tons of coaching points and receiver fundamentals in this video! Watch the sample video to learn more.

  • $12.95

    Video Length: 21 mins. This video is an introduction to the skills necessary to be successful at catching the football. It covers hand positioning, finger alignment, eye coordination, leveraging the ball, and the bio-mechanics of catching a football. In this video Coach Eric Van Tassel and CFL Hall of Fame Legend Terry Vaughn cover catching skills. A sample video is available to the left.

  • $9.95

    This 9 minute video will teach you some impressive skills on how to get open in the end-zone specifically with the Slant and Fade routes.  It will show you how to run a slant route against a man corner playing inside-out leverage on the goal line.  Receivers often think this is one of the toughest challenges they face, to get inside a defender that is taking away the inside.  If you utilize the techniques in this video you will never have a problem running the slant against an inside leveraged defender!  Additionally, the video describes how to perform a studder fade on the goal line and use it as a way to compliment the slant.  Great receivers are always thinking one to two steps ahead of a defender so get this video today and become unstoppable on the goal line!

  • $9.95

    This 22 minute video will teach you the skills necessary to be successful at the position of wide receiver, specifically how to get off press coverage by an aggressive defensive back.  This is one of the most detailed teaching videos ever made pertaining to line release techniques for the Wide Receiver.  Coach Van Tassel talks about the three different “Hand Techniques” he teaches (Double Hand Slap, Club/Punch/Press, and Club/Punch/Pull By) for getting of the “jam technique” by an aggressive defensive back as well as the proper footwork applied against a soft press defender.  This video is an absolute must have if you want to learn how to get off the line of scrimmage versus man coverage!

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    Video Length: 21 mins.  This session teaches receivers the skills necessary to avoid a delay or re-route by an aggressive cornerback. If you want to be successful at the position of wide receiver you’ll need to learn how to deal with press coverage. In this video Coach Eric Van Tassel and CFL Hall of Fame Legend Terry Vaughn cover line releases.

  • $19.95

    Video Length: 34 mins.  The route running video includes detailed explanations and examples of how to run the most common pass routes as well as the correct biomechanics and angles necessary to run these routes properly and effectively. Routes are demonstrated by Canadian Football League Hall of Fame receiver Terry Vaughn.

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    This 26 minute video is an introduction to route stemming, separating yourself from the defender using deception. Stemming is a technique that enables a receiver to work angles either off of the line of scrimmage or down field when running a pass route. It enables a receiver to take away the “leverage” that a defender might be applying in a specific coverage. Learn these techniques from two of the best and make yourself an unstoppable receiver!

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    This 8 minute training masterpiece is packed with excellent teaching, techniques and rare tips for receivers! Imagine the cost of working one-to-one with a professional coach, and then realize that you can learn the concepts of one of those sessions for less than than $10!
    This video covers:
    – change of direction
    – catching
    – route running (hitch, comeback, curl)
    – mechanics of footwork, head and hands
    – moves after the catch

  • $9.95

    In this 12 minute video you will learn a technique that teaches you how to take advantage of a poorly thrown football, specifically a ball that’s under thrown. It’s called the “Bait” technique. Often times the QB doesn’t hit the receiver perfectly in stride on long, vertical passes and the receiver must be able to adjust to balls thrown short. Additionally, learn the two ways a receiver should adjust to a vertical throw based on the trajectory and flight path of the ball. If you want to learn how to track and attack a vertically thrown football, this video is a must!