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    Coach Bill Cunerty, a three time National Champion Junior College coach and teacher to many of the nation’s elite QB’s, covers several aspects of the running game with former college and NFL players including proper hand-off techniques and footwork by the QB, proper relationship of the QB to the Running Back when giving the football, on ball fakes, and on play-action passes. Also covered are QB responsibilities when the Running Back has a blocking assignment on a blitz pick-up as well as proper bootleg depth and set-up. Running plays covered are spin trap, isolation, inside zone, and outside zone stretch as well as play-action off all of them. This is the most extensive teaching video ever made on these nuances of the running game!

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    There are seven key things a quarterback must know to be successful.  In this 15 minute video, coach Cunerty discusses what is necessary for a quarterback to make decisions and keep certain processes going in a timely manner.  An example of the first topic covers down and distance, time remaining and tempo, and score and snap count.  Football is an extremely situational game and coach Cunerty educates you on what is necessary to manage these situations.  This is a highly recommended video for understanding game management as a quarterback!

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    In this information packed, 14 min video, coach Q begins with the QB essentials of: Quick Eyes, Quick Feet, Quick Decision, Quick Release, or said another way, Scan it, Move it, See it, Stick it.  He details stance, posture, footwork, spine angles, launch points, snap counts, recognition of coverages, game plan review as it relates to QB drops, and play action. This is a video you will watch and study over and over again.

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    In this video Coach Cunerty covers all of the necessary progressions a quarterback must go through from the snap of the ball to the point of release of the ball. He calls this the eyes to the feet to the throw. Just a few of the topics covered are pre-snap reads, how to read on the move, and adjustments on the throw based on what the quarterback sees. The video discusses the cognitive processes a quarterback must develop to be successful. A sample video is available to the left.

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    In this 9 minute video Coach Cunerty covers the bounce step and putting the ball in one of your best athletes. Coach discusses the strategy of making the drop fit the route. Coach Cunerty details the one step drop in this video.  Drops covered are the one step drop to a stationary target (spot pass), the one step drop to a short hitch, the one step drop to a short slant, and the one step drop to a quick fade. 

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    This 29 minute video covers a variety of three-step drops, footwork, and offensive strategy.  Coach Cunerty discusses his 6 different three step drops, drills to improve these drops, and the techniques required to perform these drops properly. This video can be a total game-changer for QBs looking to bring their game to a new level.

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    We believe that this 24 minute video is the best video ever made on the subject of QB throwing mechanics. This one of kind video looks at QB throwing details like grip, stance, posture, spine angles, carriage, shoulders, hip rotation, leverage, ball release and lots more. We believe it’s the best QB throwing video available anywhere! A sample video is available to the left.

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    In this 21 minute video Coach Cunerty covers proper warm up technique and daily regimen drills for quarterbacks. Warm-up topics covered are the medicine ball, throwing competitions which emphasize proper shoulder rotation and release, techniques that discuss loading principles associated with throwing, and throwing on the run. The “daily’s” include the two ball Elway drill for pass rush avoidance, off-balance throwing drills and a receiver recognition drill called the stem drill. A fantastic video for QB warm-ups and daily drills!

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    The Football Handbook is the only modern era football training book that distills decades of coaching experience into a single source. It was created for players, parents and coaches to not only teach the basics of football, the game rules and coaching but also professional techniques on blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, coverages, and tons more! While most books on the sport of football include plenty of chapter and words, words, and more words, This book includes dozens of videos, photos and illustrations that actually demonstrate how to play the sport effectively. The book contains:

    • 7 Football position specific chapters (QB, Receiver, Running Back, OLine, DLine, LB, & DB)
    • 7 Chapters on Football Rules & Fundamentals, Coaching, Understanding Coverages, Speed Training, Diet and Nutrition, Injury Prevention, and Confidence.
    • 34 short instructional videos spread throughout the book
    • 28 illustrations on stance, alignment, coverages, and position specific skills

    The book can be immediately downloaded after purchase. The book file size is small (under 20MB) so it won’t gobble up a ton of space on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We kept the file size small by hosting the videos on other platforms.