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  • $29.95

    25 year NFL veteran coach John Pease is an expert in coaching the defensive line position. His wisdom and experience bubble over every minute of this 40 minute video. He covers defensive lines drills, fundamentals, techniques, and the mindset of a defensive lineman. This video is rich with stories, lessons and professional techniques to take your game to a new level. Special $10 discount through June 30, 2016.

  • $29.95

    Have you ever wondered what the foundation of an NFL team’s defensive game plan is each week?

    Well, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s full of simple and basic strategies that any team at any level can implement.

    In this 1 hour training video, former Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Coordinator, John Pease teaches you the essentials of setting up a defensive game plan. Coach Pease brings over 32 years of College and NFL experience to this video, where he will teach you:

    1. How to set goals for each game
    2. How to beat the run game
    3. How to shut down the option offense
    4. Understanding the real power of creating turnovers in a game
    5. Defensive gap control
    6. How to prevent the offense from creating separation. This greatly reduces any offense’s threat potential.
    7. How to develop blitzing strategies and calls
    8. The strengths and weaknesses of different defensive fronts. Once you know this, you’ll be able to set up your defense to counter any offense.
    9. How a most defenses accidentally create running lanes for the offense, and what to do to fix it. Even the pros do this frequently, so learning how to spot it and fix it could make the difference between and winning and losing season at the youth and high school level.
    10. and much, much more.
  • $29.95

    The Football Handbook is the only modern era football training book that distills decades of coaching experience into a single source. It was created for players, parents and coaches to not only teach the basics of football, the game rules and coaching but also professional techniques on blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, coverages, and tons more! While most books on the sport of football include plenty of chapter and words, words, and more words, This book includes dozens of videos, photos and illustrations that actually demonstrate how to play the sport effectively. The book contains:

    • 7 Football position specific chapters (QB, Receiver, Running Back, OLine, DLine, LB, & DB)
    • 7 Chapters on Football Rules & Fundamentals, Coaching, Understanding Coverages, Speed Training, Diet and Nutrition, Injury Prevention, and Confidence.
    • 34 short instructional videos spread throughout the book
    • 28 illustrations on stance, alignment, coverages, and position specific skills

    The book can be immediately downloaded after purchase. The book file size is small (under 20MB) so it won’t gobble up a ton of space on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We kept the file size small by hosting the videos on other platforms.