Defensive backs (DBs) usually line-up several yards back from the line of scrimmage and are typically responsible for covering receivers on passing plays and tackling running backs who break through the first line of the defense.

A defensive back has a lot of skills to check off before he steps foot on the field: Fast, agile, athletic, strong will and mind, great footwork, great tackler, and oh ya he’s got to be able to run fast backwards!

A Defensive Back is a player who also needs to key and diagnose, and play man to man coverage as well as zone coverage.  He has great closing speed, ball reaction and range.  His hands are solid and he has a smooth back pedal and hips. He needs to be able to move forward, backwards, and laterally with minimal loss of speed. DBs are often considered to be the best all around athletes on the field.  Here are the 5 keys to be a total stud 5-star Defensive Back.

Click here to see instructional videos for the defensive back position.

Ken Stills describes defensive back basics…


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