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One of our main goals at My Football Mentor is to create insanely valuable training videos for players and coaches .  Why video?  Because it’s a proven fact that human beings learn visually more than any other sense, 75% of the time say scientists.  According to Adelle Frank (, “Visual processing doesn’t just assist in the perception of our world. It dominates the perception of our world. The brain devotes about half of its resources to vision.  We see with our brains. We actually experience our visual environment as a fully analyzed OPINION about what the brain thinks is out there.”

With that in mind, we developed a site that provides a tremendous amount of visual learning. Our teaching videos are based solely on that principle.  Whereas other sites or publications dedicate written articles and pictures to teaching fundamentals in the sport of football, we wanted to provide these teaching tools in the best possible manner, via videos that can be accessed immediately.  It’s the next best thing to the one to one coaching that we also offer.

We realize that not everyone lives in a location that allows them access to our coaches for one to one coaching and we also understand that not everyone can afford the one to one services.

What’s great about our videos is that they are available immediately upon purchase, they are inexpensive, and there’s no waiting for a set of DVD’s to arrive in the mail.  

Once you sign up for a digital locker and purchase a video you can log in on our site to view your video right away and at any time!  Additionally, they are I-Pad and Smart Phone friendly which means you can take your I-Pad or Smart Phone to the field and have access to the videos on the field while you work out or coach!  It’s like having one of our coaches out on the field with you!

Example of QB training videos

Example of DB training videos

What is unique about our training videos, versus random videos that you might find on YouTube, is that each video is taught by a coach with a vast amount of experience at the given position they are teaching.

All of our coaches have either coached, played or both at the collegiate or professional levels.  

They’ve been there and done that!  So, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible coaching at each position.  Our coaches are all coaching positions that they played which, in my mind, is critical to how you communicate specific coaching points.  Again, when you’ve been there and done that it’s much easier to relate to what the player might be thinking.  We have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into not only picking the best coaches but also producing the best videos.

Example of Receiver videos

Example of Kicking and Punting videos

When it’s all said and done and we have completed all the videos that are in the works you can be sure that My Football Mentor will be considered the number one source out there when it comes to position specific fundamental training in the sport of football for youth and high school athletes!  Yes, there is much more to come so be sure to look for our next series of videos on offensive line play!

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