Ever since the spectacular, one handed catch in the end zone last season by New York Giant’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., you see it being talked about everywhere.  You can even find acrobatic, two handed catches while performing a backwards summersault all over YouTube!  Are these spectacular feats?  Yes, they certainly are but I can only imagine receiver coaches such as myself, all across the country, pulling their hair out because one handed catches go against the fundamentals we constantly preach and that is to “use both hands to catch a football”!  What is a real shame is that I have yet to see anyone, even on the NFL network when they were showing the two handed summersault catch on YouTube, say “yes, these are phenomenal catches but this is not the way it should be done for any of you kids out there that are watching”!  Talk about a really bad way to create improper habits with our youth!


Are there going to be situations such as the one Beckham was in where the only way to make the catch is by snagging it with one hand?  Yes there are but those situations are rare!  I am going to predict this as sure as the sun rises in the east every day, that this is going to become a problem next season!
You’re going to see youth kids, high school kids, college kids, and probably even pros attempting to make spectacular, one hand catches when it isn’t necessary!  
Receiver coaches are going to have their work cut out for them!  Coaches, you better be ready to reel in this phenomena and keep it from happening before it gets out of control this season!  Making a spectacular catch for the sake of being spectacular is not anything that will help your team win because the odds of making these types of catches are probably 1 in 10 for lower level athletes!


As a coach I actually have a drill for receivers that has them catching the ball with one hand but the only reason I do it is to help develop single hand coordination.  However, while working on the drill, I will constantly indicate to my players that I DO NOT want them attempting to make a one handed catch unless they absolutely have to!  You must stress this!!  If you don’t, your players are sure to hurt the team by attempting what I consider to be a selfish act meant only to bring attention to the player!  God gave us two hands so use them!

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