American football in Europe has become quite popular over the last twenty years. Fewer Americans are actually aware of this fact so I would like to take the time to educate some of our followers as to the advances that have been made in the sport throughout Europe.

I had the pleasure of playing and coaching in the GFL (German Professional League) in 1994. It was a fantastic experience as I not only had a tremendous amount of fun playing and coaching but it also provided me with the opportunity to work and live in a completely different culture. As a player/coach it was rewarding to be able to educate the European players from a unique perspective. Not only was I able to teach them the game by coaching but also by example as a player on the field.

I played for a team called the Wolfsburg Bluewings, a team that still competes to this day. I often see some of the players that I remember posting comments on Facebook so it’s fun to follow where they are in their lives almost twenty years later! It’s nice to see that the club is still going strong!

We are working hard to provide valuable content for coaches, players and parents, no matter where you live.

American football is played in many countries throughout Europe but also in other countries around the world. Our customers and fans are from different locations across the globe. Visit the International Federation of American Football in Europe to find lots of useful information about the leagues played throughout several countries in Europe on this site.  The German Professional League website is also a very good site to explore.

There are American Football leagues all around the world so I would encourage you to learn about the different countries that have competitive leagues.

We would like to invite our followers in other countries to continue utilizing My Football Mentor as an educational source for the game.

We are planning on organizing coaching clinics in different countries and would love to hear from coaches or administrators in leagues world-wide as to their interest in these coaching clinics.  Additionally, the coaches on our staff are always available to answer questions via email so please contact us. We are excited to share all the great things about this awesome sport!

Coach Van Tassel

P.S.  enjoy this documentary of an American football tournament titled, “Four Helments”, which took place in Florence Italy on July 2012.

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