Long Snapping and Short Snapping

It’s forth down and five and your high school team has the ball on the 20 yard line going in. There is three seconds left on the clock and you are down by two points. A field goal will win the game. The anticipation and excitement on the sidelines is evident on the faces of all the players and coaches. The ball is snapped and…it hits the holder on his right shoulder and bounces forward into the the arms of a player on the other team. Game over!

Has this ever happened to your team? As a matter of fact, are you a snapper and had this happen to you? Unfortunately, in high school, it happens far too often on both short snapping for extra points and field goals as well as long snapping for punts. There aren’t many coaches at the high school level who really know how to coach snapping properly. I would say that there are actually more high school programs than not that don’t have coaches well trained in the art of long snapping.

Guess what?  My Football Mentor can help! We have a long snapping coach for 1 to 1 training in Southern California and we have also put together a training video with him. Our snapping coach is Danny Windham. Coach Windham was a snapper at San Diego State University when they had the top punting unit in the nation.

The speed of a long snap back to the punter is evaluated in terms of the time it takes the snap to get back to the punter. The faster the ball gets to the punter, the faster he can get the punt off. In the NFL, long snappers consistently snap the ball to the punter in .65 to .68 of a second. That’s right, that’s a hair over a half of a second! Coach Windham had a snap that fast! He was considered one of the top snappers in the country.

It’s very unusual to find quality training videos on long and short snapping. Leave it up to My Football Mentor to be the first to create a really high quality video with information on snapping techniques that you just won’t find anywhere else! And, it’s simple to get. Just go to our online store and click on Long and Short Snapping Videos. When you purchase the video you can download it to your computer and you are good to go! There is information on about every technique you would ever want to know on how to snap the ball properly.

So, don’t be the guy who snaps the ball over the punter’s head or into the field goal holder’s shoulder, be the guy who snaps the ball on the money every time and helps to win the game for your team!  If you are coach and want to learn the finer points on how to long and short snap properly, this is the video for you!  Click here to download the video now!

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