Kevin M. Turner

As a former Division 1 wide receiver at Arizona State in the early 80’s, and 4 year NFL scout, I have been exposed to a lot of different philosophies and training techniques, some good and some not so good. I have never been more impressed than with Coach Bill Cunerty’s ability to articulate cutting edge techniques and state-of-the-art methodologies that translate to the athlete with an understanding of the benefits that connect with the drill or particular technique.

For my son Riley, a multiple sport athlete at Mater Dei High School, the benefit is simple.  He understands the reason why and immediately ” buys in,” which translates into genuine excitement and confidence. Coach “Q” has  been a God-send to many Jr. High, HS, and College athletes for the last 40 years in Southern California. I have seen it for years and I am delighted that my son has been able to experience very high level coaching at such a young age.  I really believe, given coach Q’s background  as a teaching golf professional as well as one the nation’s finest college offensive minds, allows him to teach sequentially each skill set step by step. This progressive teaching technique and positive mentoring makes learning fun, as opposed to the old school approach of “This is how we do things here ” attitude.   Some may argue that this or that technique is good only in a particular system, but Coach Q’s teaching tools are designed to establish a foundation that translates to any offense or scheme. Two thumbs up to coach “Q” and  the MyFootballMentor staff. Go Fight Win!

Kevin M. Turner

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