For those of you who follow My Football Mentor thoroughly might know that our DB Coach, Ken Stills Sr., has a son who is a pretty darn good football player. Kenny Stills Jr. recently participated in the NFL combine this past weekend and posted one of the top 40 yard dash times at 4.38 seconds. He also showed strength that many NFL analysts didn’t know he had as he benched 225 pounds 16 times. Not bad for a 190 pound receiver!

I first met Kenny Jr. at the XFL training camp in Las Vegas as his dad was the Running Back Coach for the Los Angeles Extreme. I’ve been friends with his father, a former Safety for the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, since 1998. Kenny Jr. was 7 years old at the time I met him and I remember a wrestling match I got into with him and how feisty he was even at that age. I’m not surprised he’s had the success he’s had in football because most players who make it to the highest levels of the sport have that competitive edge from the time they are very young.

I had the opportunity to work with Kenny on his receiver skills prior to him entering high school at La Costa Canyon here in San Diego. As a freshman I remember how incredibly gifted he was and how easily he picked up on the techniques I was teaching him. As a matter of fact, in 2007 when I was the Receiver Coach and Assistant Offensive Coordinator of an indoor football team here in San Diego, I took Kenny to one of our practices and let him work out with the team. He was only a sophomore in high school at that time and he was adjusting to the ball and running routes better than some of our professional players were! That’s when I knew he would really end up being something special!

The rest is history as he went on to set the all time receiving yardage record in the San Diego C.I.F. and then signed with the Oklahoma Sooners. He set the freshman receiving record there and then became one of the more dominant receivers in the country scoring a total of 24 touchdowns in only three years!

I predict great things for Kenny in the NFL due to the type of receiver I know he is. He is perfect for the NFL style of play and is more suited to it than the spread offense they played at Oklahoma.

He is a great deep ball route runner and adjusts to the ball in the air as well as any receiver I’ve seen. I won’t be surprised if a team takes him in the second round of the draft whereas, prior to the combine, he was projected as a fourth round pick.

All of what Kenny and I worked on is in my new receiver book The Art of Playing Wide Receiver, How to Dominate Your Opponent. It is on sale here as well as in the Apple iBook Store so if you are looking to become a dominant receiver or if you are a coach wanting to learn the techniques that will help your receivers become dominant I encourage you to pick up a copy today as now is the best time to start working on the fundamentals for next season!

Coach Van Tassel

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