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Coach Van Tassel (with My Football Mentor) has known my son, Kenny Stills Jr., since he was seven years old.  When Kenny first entered high school I was the Secondary Coach for the Frankfurt Galaxy of NFL Europe.  My job kept me out of the country for several months prior to and during the football season.  Coach Van Tassel took Kenny under his wing while I was away and attended many of his football practices and games.  He started teaching Kenny the fundamental skills of the wide receiver position that most kids in high school would never have the opportunity to learn.  He even took him to football practice for the indoor football team he was coaching at the time and let Kenny workout with the receivers on the team.

Coach Van Tassel’s tutoring helped my son to garnish All C.I.F. honors and become a Blue Chip recruit.  

The skills Coach Van Tassel taught my son were very advanced so his transition from high school to college was easy.  This helped Kenny to become a starting wide receiver for the Oklahoma Sooners his freshman year in 2010.  Kenny was also named the Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year and he set the Oklahoma freshman single season receiving record.  Not only would I highly recommend Coach Van Tassel but I feel so strongly about what My Football Mentor is doing that I became one of their coaches!


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