Jeff Garcia is a 4 time Pro Bowl NFL Quarterback who has a passion for helping young athletes succeed in football and life. Jeff wasn’t recruited after high school. He was told he was too small, that he lacked the speed and strength to play at the college level. After breaking junior college records at Gavilin College he heard the same message from top colleges. After breaking more records at San Jose State the NFL shared the same opinion. As a back up QB in the Canadian Football League (CFL) he finally got his chance and he thrived, again setting records. After 5 years in the CFL he became a back up to Steve Young in San Francisco and when Steve went down Jeff took the helm and never looked back.

Jeff never listened to the naysayers and he worked relentlessly to become a Pro Bowl quarterback.

After an amazing professional career of 18 seasons Jeff is now returning to the field, this time as a coach. Jeff currently works with young quarterbacks developing their skills while trying to instill his work ethic. He wraps up all of his personal QB coaching with words of advice and mentorship. His young QB’s leave his presence more prepared for the journey of life that is ahead of them, a better son, brother and friend, a more respectful and accountable person, and a greater leader and contributor in life.


Here are a few video snippets of Jeff working with young quarterbacks.

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