Imagine that you owned this amazing and miraculous computer device that was capable of achieving remarkable things in your life. But, what if the computer was ‘throttled down’ to only achieve a fraction of it’s capabilities? Once you found this out, would you want to figure out a way to ‘open it up’ and let it rip?!

The fact is, you do own an amazing machine which is your mind! Get this…

your mind is unlimited and your mind controls your body. We don’t have a clue as to what people’s limits are. All the tests, stopwatches, and finish lines in the world can’t measure human potential.

It’s very real and possible for you to take the governor off and massively throttle up your performance. And while the jury may still be out on the exact percentage, all great athletes will tell you that sports are 70 – 90% mental. So why do most athletes only focus on physical or technical skills? Mindset is considered the most important aspect to athletic and human brilliance, yet it’s the least understood and most under-used.

If you want to excel at football, your mindset (the ‘inner-game’) has to be a top priority. Are you training your brain as much as your body? Are you spending time ‘inner-cising’ before ‘exer-cizing.’ And what exactly would this ‘inner-cise’ look like? Before I give you an inner-cise routine, let me give you the results of it.

  • Sharper ball skills, movement, and footwork
  • More enjoyment and less boredom
  • Understanding and working with pain
  • More time in “The Zone”
  • Sharper focus and concentration during practice
  • Doubt, fear, nerves and negative thoughts are put in their proper place.
  • Game-time pressure is your friend
  • Having and reaching goals and milestones
  • Playing with purpose! AKA, the “Man on a mission” mentality.

I’ll post part 2 of this article soon, so come back and learn how to open-up your potential with some ‘innercise.’  In the meantime enjoy some of the clues in this video…


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