How to Recognize 2 Man Coverage

This post is the third in our six part series on recognizing defensive coverages.


There are several different names for this coverage. The most common are:

  • 2 Man
  • 2 Under
  • Cover 7

2 Man, is a 2 safety coverage where the safeties split the field in half and the corners lock up in man coverage against the receivers. The safeties are there to provide support to their half of the field in case a defensive back gets beaten.

This is difficult coverage to throw against. If the offense does not have to throw, this would be a good time to audible into a run play.

Here are the key indicators of 2 Man coverage:

  1. 2 Safeties
  2. Corners are lined up on the receivers
  3. Corners are looking at the receivers’ hips.

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