To live a life that inspires you, you have to learn to find and do things by which you are inspired. Winning at the game of life is really as simple as winning on the field, but to be clear, I do mean that it is simple and not easy.

No one has to tell you that it’s not easy to always win on the field.

So what are some of the elements that allow people to win at the game of life? For starters, I recommend setting clearly defined goals for yourself. Since football is something we all share, I’m going to use football terminology. So, for fun, instead of just goals, I’m going to call them goal posts.

Have you ever felt bored or aimless or like you had nowhere to go and nothing to do? Consider that’s because you had not set up the playing field for your life. You hadn’t taken the time to create and identify your goal posts, your end zone, and your yard lines. Of course you felt aimless if that’s the case!

So how do you create goal posts and the playing field for your life? Stay tuned; that’s what we’ll cover in my next post. In the meantime, just start thinking about the things that most inspire you in life!

Until next time!

To Your Success,
Cheryl Hunter-MFM Mindset Coach

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