High School Football Scoring Points with TV Viewers

From California to Texas to Florida prep (High School) football is finding it’s way into more households than ever. The viewership of local high school football games and highlights is growing both on television and the web.  Who would have guessed that names like ESPN would feature a full season of high school football on TV and on ESPN3.com

You can do the same as I did and google “televised high school football” and you’ll be shocked how many local TV networks are covering prep football. As a father to a high school football player I can tell you that the most anticipated television show in our home is the PPR (Prep Pigskin Report) on Friday nights.

It’s not just California either, many networks are surprised at the growing interest and viewership. In fact in Alabama they are undecided to its effects.  read more link.

We sent our ‘Football Mentor’ crew out to Orange County California to pay a visit to both a televised high school game and one of our very own personal coaches, Bill Cunerty,who also was the color commentator for the televised game.

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