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The contour (head band or helmet) video camera is one of the tools available to our coaches for 1-to-1 coaching.  It reveals a new level of coaching and instruction because of the high quality HD resolution and stop frame clarity.

Professional coaching demands the right tools and technology. Designed as our first hands-free camera for the true videographer, the Contour+ delivers the tools and technology for this advanced segment with expanded capabilities and supplemental features. Packed with the highest level of progression of any hands-free camera to hit the market, Contour+ is made to capture not only the action, but also the full story with depth, focus and clarity. The result is rich video from the one camera with all the tools to do the job.

Prices range from $199. to $499  (click the ‘Learn More’ graphic above)


The first short video below as an example of this camera on a receiver. This unique video device gave our receiver coach the views he needed to help correct the athlete’s catching technique. The coach noticed that the receiver was using one hand to stop the ball and the other hand to trap the ball.  You will see how obvious this is in the video.  The correct way to catch the ball would be with both hands cupping the front of the ball equally.  This receiver was corrected in his technique and now he catches the ball with the proper fundamentals.  The second video features the camera being worn by QB.


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