Getting the Right Reps for your Kicker

At the youth and High School levels, place kickers are often the overlooked position until it comes down to the final seconds where a game can be won with a field goal. Arguably this is one of the most difficult positions since a kicker must perform under pressure and be ready to take advantage of every opportunity. For every single attempt a great kicker faces, they will always be mentally and physically focused. It’s said to take 10,000 hours to master your craft, but there are ways to get better at kicking more quickly by putting in the hard and honest reps.

We can all think of several examples where kickers REALLY mattered, but here’s a few that stand out for me…

As a passionate San Diego Chargers fan in 2010, it was tough to watch Nate Kaeding miss three field goal attempts in the AFC Championship game against the Jets. For those of you lucky enough to miss this game, the final score was 17-14 meaning those three missed field goals cost the Chargers the game, the AFC Championship, and a shot at the Super Bowl. Missed field goals can be heart wrenching.

Another epic horror story is the infamous Kick Six. In the 2013 Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama the game was tied at 28 and Alabama decided to try a 57 yard field goal but the ball fell short and Auburn was able to return the short kick for a TD to win the game.

So what can young kickers learn from history and apply to their future? Practice! Practice! Practice! More specifically practice smart and practice hard. Here is one of our kicking training videos. For a kicker this means getting the reps in. The first step is getting the right coaching and a good football holder. Unless you have a very nice friend who’s willing to always hold the ball for you I like the football holder that HVM is discounting for us on Amazon. It’s a placeholder tee that holds the ball for field goal attempts and can be used by both left and right footed kickers. More importantly, it has a rubber tip to simulate a finger hold and also puts enough pressure so that the football doesn’t fall even in windy conditions.  The rubber tip also allows you to place the ball at a different angles so that you can find your optimal kicking angle for height and distance. This angle typically is around the 90 degree region or tilted backwards toward the kicker, but varies on a kicker by kicker basis and needs to be found so that you and your placeholder can become more successful during the game.

Your Effective Field Goal Tool

The Kickoff! Football Kick Holder simulates a real placeholder kneeling there holding the ball which means you can get reps anytime you want, even if you’re alone. The rubber tip allows the ball to be placed at an angle so that you can test the different angles to see which one works best for you. Some kickers prefer the ball to be more slanted whereas others prefer the ball to be vertical. There are some kickers who prefer the ball to be more slanted when the field goal attempt is shorter versus more vertical when the attempt is longer. These kickers have developed situational techniques, which is more advanced. At the end of the day all that matters is that the ball goes between the two posts. Put in the reps to figure out which angle you prefer to maximize your height and distance so that you can ensure that no defender will impede your ball’s trajectory.

If you’re committed to the process of becoming your best, I’ve included a couple links below to place holder kicking tees. You can receive them in as little as 2 days.  I also know the guys of HVM and they will personally stand behind this Kickholder. Not to mention they’re giving all the fans of MyFootballMentor 10% off by using Promo Code: FMKICK10

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