Fundamentals are the building blocks of any sport.  Football happens to be a sport where proper fundamentals are extremely important, more so than in most sports.  Missed tackles, dropped passes, fumbles, and errant throws can all be attributed to improper fundamentals.  The off-season is the best time to practice proper fundamentals because the time restraints to work on them are not limited to a three hour practice where they are often crammed into a five or ten minute individual period.

Proper footwork is, by far, the most important fundamental to work on for all positions in football.  If the feet are not correct a player will not have proper balance or the ability to move in all directions.  If a player can not keep his feet or transfer his weight he can not be successful in football due to the abundance of direction changes required.  Having a low center of gravity and a solid base are key elements.

At My Football Mentor our coaches understand the importance of fundamentals.  When a player works with one of our coaches in the off-season he can be sure that he will be taught all the proper fundamentals associated with his position.  All of our coaches have either played or coached at a high level so the teaching a player will receive is sound, detailed, and correct.  We strive to prepare each player to be the best he can be and take his game to the next level!  So, what are you waiting for?  Contact us soon so we can get started!

Coach Van Tassel



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