Most of us have heard the analogy “it’s harder to climb the mountain than it is to go down it”.  This actually applies to the fear of failure in an indirect way.  In other words, it’s actually easier to never even climb the mountain versus going down it!  Heck, there’s no need to get half way up the mountain and then realize you can’t do it as long as you never attempt to climb the mountain in the first place!

On this planet there is, without a doubt, a much higher percentage of people who never attempt something for fear of failing at it than those who will make that attempt.  This is why the percentage of anyone who is considered elite at what they do is so small.  In sports, is it because there are just those that are more physically talented than others?  Sure, that is part of it but, as a coach for many years, I’ve seen my share of physically talented players fail because they had a lousy work ethic and I’ve seen several less physically talented players succeed due to their great work ethic.

How can one succeed if one never tries?  In retrospect, how can one fail if one never tries?  Only the individual who sees repeated failure as the road to success can truly differentiate between these two statements.

Look at it this way; there is nobody in history who has ever succeeded at anything without failing at it first…EVER!  I’ve never known anyone who could successfully tie their own shoe on the first try or anyone who took their first baby steps without falling down first!

The best advice I could ever give any young player is to never fear failing at something if you ever want to taste success!  True failure is measured by never trying in the first place!

Coach Van Tassel

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