Are You A High School Student-Athlete Who Wants To Play In College?

“…we want high character kids with the proper attitude to reach their potential on and off the court. Character/Attitude is a huge part of our evaluation process.”  – Josh Schartz – head men’s basketball coach at Lincoln Memorial University (TN)

“Attitude and character are the main pieces of recruiting. I don’t care how good a player you are, if you throw your stick or stand off from your team, I am done talking.”  – Frank Rogers – head women’s lacrosse coach at Aquinas College (MI)

“College coaches want to see recruits who are mentally tough. They need players who can handle disappointment and frustration, who compete fearlessly. They don’t care if you make a mistake, but they do care how you react to that mistake. They watch closely to see who can deal with negative feedback from a coach or referee. They watch how a player reacts to pressure during the final minutes – her shot selection, decision making and leadership – more than whether they make or miss a last-second shot. They pay attention to how a player treats her teammates in the midst of adversity. They see who plays to win, even when they lose.”  – Lindsey Wilson

“Character, how hard they play or how competitive they are become very important qualities for the young men we recruit to possess.”  – Dave Pietramala – head men’s lacrosse coach at Johns Hopkins University (MD)

“I’m truly looking for talent, passion, attitude, a good person and a good student. Attitude is really important to me, as it is what we will have to deal with on a daily basis. The skills you only deal with on the field, but attitude encompasses everything. This is why it is critical to have student-athletes with quality attitudes.”
Rudy Garbalosa – head men’s baseball coach at Lynn University (FL)

“Attitude and skills level are extremely important to us, we want students who are positive on the court and bench…The ideal college recruit is a student who has great grades, is highly skilled, and a person of great character.”
Bob Burchard – head men’s basketball coach at Columbia College (MO)

If you are a high school student-athlete who wants to play at the collegiate level, do you have your “act” together? Do you have the right attitude, character and mental toughness that every college coach is looking for in a high school student-athlete? Are you mentally prepared to meet any challenge or test that you may face so that you can excel in the classroom and on the field or court?

If you would like to figure out how to get your “act” together and prepare yourself for collegiate sports, drop me an email. We can design a mental assessment and see what aspects of your mental game you need to work on. Then we can develop a mental conditioning program to build and strengthen your attitude, character and mental toughness.

A (attitude) + C (character) + T (mental toughness) = the competitive formula for success in college sports.

Anthony (Tone) Lanzillo

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