Becoming a turnover mentality defense is a lot more than just telling your players every once in a while we need to create more turnovers. Coaches need to practice and promote turnovers week in and week out to become that turnover machine defense that every team wants to be. By having days like “Turnover Tuesday” , or “Fumble Friday” makes the players realize, and gets them excited about creating turnovers. As a coach, show your players different ways to recognize and create a takeaway. When your players see your enthusiasm as they happen in practice, they will do everything they can to create a takeaway in a game.

What You Promote In Practice Will Be Duplicated On Game Day

Creating drills that are fun and competitive will get the kids fired up about a “Takeaway Tuesday”, Or a “Fumble Friday” Practice. At all levels, coaches can implement these drills into their practice schedules. A good drill we have found to work is a ‘two on one drill.’ You have two defenders about ten yards away from the ball carrier, on the whistle the ball carrier and one defender will run at each other the first defender wraps the ball carrier up securing the tackle, then on another whistle the next defender goes and does everything in his power to strip the ball out. If coaches express their passion for turnovers, the players will recognize how important it is to create them.


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