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Ken Stills is a coach with experience and knowledge of the craft of coaching. Coach Stills is a former player who excelled in all phases of the game, defense as well as special teams.  I first started working with Coach Stills as a defensive line coach in the former NFL-Europe league where he was the Special Teams Coordinator as well as Defensive Backs Coach.

Coach Stills’ football background is apparent in the performance of his players as we were able to win the World Bowl Championship my first year working with him.  At the end of the NFL-Europe season Coach Stills’ players returned to their respective NFL teams and two a day camp sessions where two of his players remained on the 53 man roster for the year.  The knowledge passed on to his players allowed them to better understand what is required and expected to make a NFL roster.  Coach Stills taught the fundamentals of playing in the secondary by teaching his kids how to study film and not watch film.  He taught individual techniques of using your hands and feet to defend receivers without being called for interference.

Coach Stills’ football knowledge was not only passed on to players but to coaches such as myself.  I learned how to game plan special teams drills during practice as well as implement different phases of special teams and the importance of special teams within the time frame of practice.  Most of all, Coach Stills prepares players for what to expect and allows players to use their natural abilities when it counts the most in the heat of competition.

Coach Stills is an asset in all respects to the game of football.  He knows the ins and outs of the game of football because it has been such a big part of his life.  He strengthens the people around him.


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Cornell Brown
Outside Linebacker Coach
Virginia Tech

Frank Beamer
Winner of eight national coach of the year awards following the 1999 season

Michael Vick

Winner of the 2000 ESPY as College Football’s Performer of the Year

Cornell Brown

Named the Football News 1995 National Defensive Player of the Year

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