Regardless of the level of football, the ultimate prize is to win a ring.  Whether a simple, metal alloy ring fitted with cubic zirconia or a solid gold ring fitted with diamonds they are designed to last the lifetime and beyond of those who win one.  They represent the ultimate achievement in sports, a championship.

Every player who plays the sport of football will tell you, to a man, that it is the ring they crave.  Why the ring?  Because the ring worn on the finger of every player who is a part of a championship team represents the trophy won by the team.  Every individual ring when added together signifies that trophy.

So what does it take to win a ring?  Winning a ring is like baking a cake.  The recipe is actually very simple but mixing the ingredients of that recipe must be exact.  If any ingredient in the recipe is missing or any of the ingredients are not mixed to exact proportion, the recipe will not work.  Since football is a team sport it requires that every single player on a team use the same recipe, the same ingredients, and the same proportions of those ingredients in order for the cake to be good enough to eat.  A cake that can be eaten is the championship that can be attained!

Ingredients of a Championship Recipe:

  • Tireless work ethic in the off-season and during the season by every single player
  • Teammates who love one another, respect one another, and play for one another
  • An obsession to execute an assignment to perfection on every snap
  • An obsession to make up for an assignment not performed to perfection
  • An understanding that a mistake is simply a lesson not to be repeated twice
  • Realizing that a game is the total of every play in that game and a season is the total of every game.  Play one play at a time and one game at a time
  • Never play not to lose, play to win
  • A championship team is made of players that are 100% confident that every player on that team knows these ingredients by heart

Coach Van Tassel

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