Five Traits That Make a 5-Star Stud DB Recruit

What characteristics and skills would a 5-star defensive back possess that would allow them to be a superstar at the college level?  Speed and quickness are of course a given for players in the defensive secondary, but what is it that sets a 5-Star defensive back apart from the rest?

Here are the FIVE traits that make a 5-star stud DB recruit:

1. Backpedal
Having a proper backpedal is essential to being a good corner at any level of football.

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The Art Of Playing Wide Receiver

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“Best football technique book I have read.

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Ever since the spectacular, one handed catch in the end zone last season by New York Giant’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., you see it being talked about everywhere.  You can even find acrobatic, two handed catches while performing a backwards summersault all over YouTube!  Are these spectacular feats?  Yes, they certainly are but I can only imagine receiver coaches such as myself, all across the country, pulling their hair out because one handed catches go against the fundamentals we constantly preach and that is to “use both hands to catch a football”!  
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What Are You Doing This Off-Season?

It’s easy to argue that off season training is the most important phase of any football skills and conditioning plan. Not only will it help the athlete to recover physically and psychologically during the season, it will be hugely important to neurological and physical development of any player.

1. Neurologically, off-season training is where you can consistently repeat your basic technique movements (based on your position: backpedal, throwing,

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Becoming a turnover mentality defense is a lot more than just telling your players every once in a while we need to create more turnovers. Coaches need to practice and promote turnovers week in and week out to become that turnover machine defense that every team wants to be. By having days like “Turnover Tuesday” , or “Fumble Friday” makes the players realize, and gets them excited about creating turnovers. As a coach, show your players different ways to recognize and create a takeaway.

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Catch Man Technique for DB’s

The author of this article is Coach Darren Garrigan, currently at Texas A&M Commerce. He is one of our Twitter followers that we happened to have a conversation with earlier in the week. He gave his two cents worth on how he would cover a specific technique by a receiver in a video we had posted. We checked out his video on YouTube, the one posted at the end of this article, and we loved what we saw!

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The Hitch Route

Some call it a ‘hitch’ while others refer to it as a ‘stop’, but no matter what name you give it, it can be the most powerful route in your playbook if you understand how to run it or teach it.  When you understand the fundamentals of this route and how effective it can be, it will change how you look at the entire route tree!

Other routes that require performing similar fundamentals would be the curl,

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Expert Tips on Increasing Your Football Speed

Speed is the athletic attribute most evaluated by coaches. Your speed could determine whether you make the team, actually play in games or sit on the bench. No matter your position, speed is a vital part to excelling on the football field. It’s a reflection of your strength, power, and efficiency. The more powerful you are and the more efficiently you can move, the faster you’ll be on the field. Being able to control your body when sprinting,

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