The Art Of Playing Wide Receiver

This instant download ebook is available with a special introductory price of $19.95 through June 30, 2016.  The training videos alone contained in the book are valued at $78.90! Grab the book here.

What others are saying about the book…

“I have read the first five chapters and the book is awesome! Can’t wait to pass the knowledge on to my players.” -Coach Hernandez

“Best football technique book I have read.

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Catch Man Technique for DB’s

The author of this article is Coach Darren Garrigan, currently at Texas A&M Commerce. He is one of our Twitter followers that we happened to have a conversation with earlier in the week. He gave his two cents worth on how he would cover a specific technique by a receiver in a video we had posted. We checked out his video on YouTube, the one posted at the end of this article, and we loved what we saw!

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The Hitch Route

Some call it a ‘hitch’ while others refer to it as a ‘stop’, but no matter what name you give it, it can be the most powerful route in your playbook if you understand how to run it or teach it.  When you understand the fundamentals of this route and how effective it can be, it will change how you look at the entire route tree!

Other routes that require performing similar fundamentals would be the curl,

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Defensive Coverages

Football is game of brains and braun. If you study and learn the defensive coverages and tendencies of your opponent you will dramatically increase your chance for a “W.” One key to a successful offense is reading the defensive coverage prior to the snap. This is what we call a PSR (Pre Snap Read). The QB is not the only player who should understand and anticipate what the defense is attempting to do. The receivers,

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Quarterback and Running Back Action

We have just finished a 50 minute video masterpiece that covers the running game, ball fakes and play action.

The new video is available for purchase for only $15.95. Coach Bill Cunerty, a three time National Champion Junior College coach and teacher to many of the nation’s elite QB’s, covers several aspects of the running game with former college and NFL players including proper hand-off techniques and footwork by the QB,

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It’s All In The Execution

Every program should have an overall team philosophy followed by offensive, defensive, and special teams philosophies as well as the expectations of each player.  A philosophy is set as an expectation for each game which, in turn, creates an expected result for the season as a whole.  Great coaches will always create a philosophy for their team to live up to in addition to what he expects out of each player as an individual.

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