Goals That Inspire

What are some of your goals for 2016? As a player or coach going into off-season I’d suggest that you create meaningful goals that are worth fighting for because life (and your opponents!) will constantly test your resolve and level of commitment.

If your team goals, or individual ambitions don’t get your heart racing, blood pumping, butterflies circling, or voice crackling when you talk about them, you may need to go back to drawing board and create some new ones.

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If you want to be an exceptional athlete, then how should you be acting? How does an exceptional athlete behave and act… on and off the court or field? How does an exceptional athlete approach each practice and training session? How does an exceptional athlete treat his teammates and coaches? How does an exceptional athlete act when he receives constructive criticism or feedback from others? How does an exceptional athlete act when he is not playing his best or loses a game?

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Want to Play College Football? Play Up!

Are you a high school football player who wants to play in college? Do you think that you have the necessary athletic skills to play at the next level? Would you like to have the opportunity to continue playing a sport that you love?

College football coaches are definitely looking for players who have the right “skill sets” to complement and strengthen their teams. Also, they need their players to meet certain academic standards to get into college and can maintain good grades while attending college.

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Staying Motivated When Your Team is Losing

Let’s face it, losing just stinks. But despite the sting, or embarrassment, or disappointment, there can be some bright spots if you know how to look for them. Here are five game-changing nuggets that can make a huge difference.

Make your adversity your university.
You expected this point didn’t you? So, my question to you is this, “What are you learning about yourself in tough times?”  Are you pointing your finger to blame someone else?  

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Your Intangibles

Height, weight, speed, strength, and technical skills are highly sought-after physical elements as a coach looks for the ideal athlete for each position on the football team. Physical talent, however, doesn’t always translate to success on the field.

The difference between being a mediocre athlete and being an exceptional one is the behavior, character, work ethic, and attitude of that player. These intangibles are often difficult to measure, but almost every coach out there will tell you that they are worth their weight in gold.
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My belief, as a football coach, is that you play how you prepare. Notice how I said “play how you prepare” and not “play how you practice.” Proper preparation is the key to playing great on game day because you will only practice well if you prepare properly. You can practice for hours and hours a day but if that practice does not include proper preparation then the practice is a waste of time.

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