Why You Should Consider Taking College Courses in High School


When I was in high school, I took 2 summer school classes at the local community college. I wanted to get into a few honors courses and AP courses my junior and senior years, so I could get that bump in my GPA, particularly my Junior year and first semester of Senior year, since those are the transcripts college admission reps look at the most.

I never really thought anything about that those 2 college classes,

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5 Tips to Get Better Grades on Tests and Quizzes

Have you ever wondered how the smart kids in your class always make getting good grades look easy? You study, and study, and study only to finish your tests just as time runs out, and they finish right away and get A’s. Well, as a proud member of the propeller-head club, let me in on a few of our secrets.

1. Take good notes in class — This sounds like a no brainer,

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In addition to the resources above, this Recorded Webinar is designed to educate coaches, counselors and administrators on the recruiting process.

The webinar is about 50 minutes in length and addresses many important recruiting topics including: Scholarship Myths and Facts, the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility CentersNCAA Core Course RequirementsNational Letter of Intent,

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In high school locker rooms, gyms, and classrooms across America, coaches will meet with athletes and their parents to kick off what hopes to be a winning season, a league championship, a playoff birth, or even a state title.  When all expectations and requirements of a player are laid out, there is always one topic that is stressed and reiterated.  Grades.  In most high school districts, you must have at least a 2.0 grade average to be eligible to play. 

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Are you a an underclassman High School football player?  If so, you have yet to experience what it is like to be a senior in high school.  I have been there and the one thing I can tell you is that you do not want to play your senior season with any regrets as you will never get a second chance at it. Here are some questions I have for you:

  1. Do you think you are as good a player as you can be heading into your senior year?
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