Should College Football Players Be Paid?

The argument over whether college athletes should be paid has been one that has been raging for years and has recently gained steam from athletic administrators, especially in the SEC.

Recently Matt Barkley, USC quarterback who now plays for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, tweeted out a link to the documentary below. He also shared his own opinion about the subject and conversed with fans about theirs.

“The Business of Amateurs” will examine the evolution of the NCAA and the lopsided role of the multi-billion dollar non-profit.

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Coach John Carroll & Oceanside Pirates Remarkable Success

John Carroll has been the head football coach at Oceanside High School (CA) for 23 years. His success has been remarkable! They have played in 14 CIF champship games and won 11. The Pirates have reached at least the semi-finals in 18 straight seasons! John Carroll has taken his team to the California State Bowl in 2007 & 2009, winning both games. His team has made 8 straight trips to Qualcomm Stadium. The success stats could continue for pages so instead we thought we’d pay a visit to OSHS and interview coach Carroll 🙂

Coach Carroll just won his 12th C.I.F.

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